Monday, July 4, 2016

SCCM Management Point to SUP Report

A recent client visit showed an interesting but extremely common issue.  They let SCCM handle client configuration to SUPs completely, nothing configured in GPO.  Recently two SUPs went down for unknown reasons that they did manage to repair but clients are still communicating with the main headquarters SUP causing bandwidth issues for sites that have a limited pipe to begin with.  This is expected as WSUS does not fallback when a site comes back online, they continue to communicate with the SUP until that SUP goes down and then they go to the next SUP available.

The worker bee’s of course knew this was an issue that needed immediate fixing but sometimes you need higher up approval before you can make changes to the infrastructure.  To help place a magnifying glass over this issue we had the network team provide reports showing excessive WSUS traffic coming from these remote sites to the headquarters.  We also provided a report showing just how many clients were reporting to the headquarters SUP instead of the one on their LAN.  Below is the code you can use in SSRS to create such a report to help show the clients current Management Point and then its current SUP, this should help identify counts.  And of course you can manipulate the data in any extra ways you might need through excel.  Enjoy.


SELECT v_R_System.Netbios_Name0,

FROM v_UpdateScanStatus
INNER JOIN v_R_System ON v_R_System.Resource.ID = v_UpdateScanStatus.ResourceID
Left JOIN v_CH_ClientSummary ON v_CH_ClientSummary.ResourceID = v_R_System.ResourceID

WHERE client0 = 1
ORDER BY LastScanPackageLocation asc


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