Sunday, April 30, 2017

SCCM CB Update - Failed to Calculate Hash

Recently ran into a customer trying to upgrade to SCCM 1610 but it kept getting stuck at "Replicating Content".  We are going to quickly go over the troubleshooting taken to resolve this.

When SCCM starts even a "Prereq Check" for the CB updates it first replicates the content to all the sites.  This customer noticed that the package got stuck at replicating content and was not moving.  When we looked in the "OBJREPLMGR.LOG" or even the "DISTMGR.LOG" we saw no movement at all.  Strange.

So we looked into "HMAN.LOG" and there we saw the slightly cryptic error "Failed to calculate hash".

OK, so first assumption is it got corrupted during download.  So we deleted the payload found under the "EasySetupPayload" folder, removed references of it from SQL, and then restarted the SMS_EXEC service so it downloads from scratch.  That completed successfully and once again "Failed to calculated hash" in the "HMAN.LOG" when they tried to initiate the "Prereq Check".  Interesting.

If you create a dummy text file in that "EasySetupPayload" folder and rerun the "Prereq Check" option it will force a rehash of the content.  Once again this failed too.  Started digging around and noticed something that is easily overlooked.........shared folders.  Yup, for some reason the "EasySetupPayload" folder was not shared.  When that folder is not shared it can't be replicated to the other sites, the "Failed to calculate hash" error was not helpful in identifying that.

So we shared the "EasySetupPayload" folder, reran the "Prereq Check" and magically we saw in the "HMAN.LOG" that it was creating the hash without issue.

From there we saw activity in "DISTMGR.LOG" and "OBJREPLMGR.LOG" that it was transferring the package with ID "SP100012" without issue.  You can identify the package ID associated with the update package by checking in your console under "Monitoring -- Distribution Status -- Content Status" and searching for the package "Microsoft Corporation Configuration Manager Easy Setup Package", you should get a result that will also have the same GUID in its name (AF633310-E419...).



And then of course the log "CONFIGMGRPREREQ.LOG" started to roll through its check.

Hopefully this helped in identifying an issue with your site if you run into a SCCM CB update stuck at "Replicating Content".

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